Hughes Road Construction Update

Dear Frazier Elementary Parents and Southbelt Community,

As we prepare to start the 2015-2016 school year, I wanted to inform you of our plan for dealing with the construction on Hughes Road. I have been meeting with the construction managers throughout the summer, and the crews are working hard to complete the area of Hughes in front of Frazier Elementary. Until the project is complete, we have come up with a plan for arrival and dismissal that we believe is the safest alternative for our students.

All daycare riders and all students in PreK, Kinder, PPCD, PABLE, and ABLE, along with their siblings, will be dropped off and picked up in the turnaround located on Sagemeadow. (The only exception to this is that our morning PK classes will dismiss at 10:45 in the front of the school nearest the office.) As vehicles exit the Sagemeadow turnaround, they must turn left back onto Sagemeadow. Vehicles may not turn right toward Hughes. We will not be able to allow daycare vehicles in the turnaround ahead of other traffic until the Hughes intersection opens up.

All students in grades 1-4 (without siblings in PK, K, ABLE, PABLE, or PPCD) will be dropped off and picked up in the main parking area on Hughes Road, in the front of the school. Vehicles will drive along the curb in our parking lot to the front of the school where we will have staff ready to assist children in and out of cars. Normally, the line of waiting cars lines up on Hughes Road until they are able to pull into our lot. With the construction, however, this is not possible. We cannot block traffic on Hughes. Instead, we will be DETOURING all Hughes traffic onto Sagewind and then onto Sagewillow to wait in line. A uniformed police officer and Frazier staff member will be at the corner at Sagewillow and Hughes to direct a group of Frazier cars onto Hughes and into our parking lot waiting area. As we are able to load and clear out a line of cars, the next line of cars will be directed from Sagewillow toward the school.

Currently, we are only able to enter and exit the main parking lot through the exit. If this is still the case on August 25, we will have an officer there to help direct the flow of traffic and keep our families safe. Arrival time is from 7:10-7:45. Come early to avoid long lines. Morning PK/PABLE/PPCD dismissal is at 10:45, and afternoon classes arrive at 11:45. School wide dismissal is at 3:05. By the second week of school, lines typically start clearing by 3:25.

In order to keep this process as smooth as possible, we ask Frazier families to adhere to these guidelines: bring a school-issued hanging car tag everyday (you can get these at Meet the Teacher night or in our front office before school starts), do not use cell phones in the school zone, drive slowly, and do not block driveways as you wait along any of our side streets. We greatly appreciate the patience of our Frazier families and the community during the construction period. Please call or email me if you have any questions.

Wendy Wiseburn, Principal