Campus History

Campus History
Campus HistoryRobert Bevis Frazier Elementary School opened in 1975, earning its name from a member of the Pasadena ISD Board of Trustees. The first year, the school had an enrollment of 921 students. The climate-controlled brick building was the first of its kind in Pasadena ISD, having a modified open concept building plan. The school consisted of six color-coordinated pods, had carpeting and was separated from other pods by permanent, sound-insulated partitions. In 1976, 32 classroom teachers instructed the students from kindergarten through fifth grade and Jack Harvey was the principal. On April 1, 1979, a fire occurred at Frazier, causing damage to the cafeteria and offices in the area. Deemed arson by investigators, this event was shocking to the community. 

Through the years, Frazier staff have experienced great celebrations along with some major challenges. To respond to campus needs, there was a renovation that took place in 2002. This project provided walls to the library and a new office area, clinic, counselor’s office and staff lounge were all added. The biggest challenge to the building came in 2017, right after Hurricane Harvey devastated the Gulf Coast area. Frazier is located in the area of town known as the “Southbelt” – this is a very close community with many residents living here their whole lives. This area was hit hard by Hurricane Harvey. Some streets saw every home receive flooding up to 3 feet, while other streets went unscathed. Frazier also fell victim to the storm – with flooding happening throughout the building -- damaging walls, ceilings and furniture.  The remediation and renovation after the flood lasted throughout the 2017-2018 school year.  During this time, Frazier served as an important resource for the Southbelt community. Volunteers at Frazier operated a donation center in an office and mini grocery store on the cafeteria stage. Community members and folks from all over town came in to Frazier to get items they needed for their families. A special Christmas store was organized and filled with brand new toys. Frazier families who had been impacted by the hurricane were able to come shop for toys for the kids. Frazier PTO volunteers wrapped the gifts and delivered them to the families. Though Hurricane Harvey devastated the community, the Frazier staff, students and families came together in a way never seen before. From tragedy came something beautiful. 

Throughout all of the challenges that Frazier has faced over the years, one thing remains clear: the staff and community are committed to keeping Frazier a top-notch school, providing the best education for all students. Frazier has been identified by the State of Texas as an exemplary campus and by the Children at Risk organization as a Gold Ribbon School – which means Frazier is one of the best schools in the Houston area! Frazier pride is strong in the community. It is often said by staff members and community members, “Once a Frazier owl, always a Frazier owl.” This statement captures the closeness and family connection Frazier staff, students and families share with each other. 

List of Principals

-Jack Harvey 1975-1977
-Gene Hensen 1977-1983
-John Markgraft 1983-1986
-Sharon Oakes 1986-2004
-Rhonda Parmer 2004-2011
-Wendy Wiseburn 2011-present